Monday, August 29, 2011

I loveing memory of my son, Shaun.

Shaun David Corson

Born October 14, 1977 - Died July 23, 2011

Shaun, Free at Last!

So troubled was your mind in the end,

A very werry and torchured soul.

You carried the world upon your shoulders,

With a heart full of love and made of gold.

You knew how to make people laugh,

and your funny characters never got old.

I watched you grow from a wee babe

Into a brave and fearly young man of 33.

I have laughed and I have cried,

And know that your smile is forever burned upon my heart.

There are so many things, big and small,

That I can never forget.

All to soon you chose to leave us here on this earthly plain,

My one last wish for you would be

that you troubled mind is set free.

Though my heart is full of pain,

and my loss for you runs deep

I will let you go and set your soul free.

Please don't worry, Your memories I will forever keep.

Rest well my son, I will love you always,

Love Mumzy


Denise said...

I can feel your pain through your words. I hope that wherever Shaun is, he is free and happy!
Please know that you have friends that care. Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

Nita Butler said...

Beautiful memorial to your son. I am so sorry sweetie! I am praying for you! Wish I could give you a giant hug!

Karen Mallory said...

What a wonderful poem. My heart is with you Sandra.
hugs Karen

dibbledabble1dolls said...

You have shared a wonderful thing with us...your heart...we also share ours with you and wish we could ease some of your pain in the loss of your special son. I hope your healing continues and makes you stronger...our hugs are ready anytime you need one.

michelledolls said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how you must feel to lose a child, no matter that they're grown, they're still your baby). I pray for your family and hope you can begin the healing progress, remember the happy times and enjoy your grand kids, keeping you in my thoughts...