Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Already

Oh Man it's October already and what have I accomplished! Not all that I would have liked to, but I guess it's ok. I am currently working on my Elise Trunk set. Sorry no photos yet.
Shaun's birthday was Sunday, a day that I will always miss him the most. He would be 35 this year. My Son Donald and I have become closer over this past year, which is really nice. My granddaughter Kyra is doing very well in school. She is a first grader now and LOVES reading books. We all encourage her as best we can and Mom still reads to her at night. Hunter has gone bonkers over the Angry Birds, so that is my next thing to do since his birthday is comming right up next month.
The sun is shining today, which is nice. Especially since it has rained for a month or more. We had a little shake up last night. Seems there was an earthquake some where down around Lake Arrowhead of about 4.5. Hoping the crack in the cellar wall hasn't gotten any worse. Hubby will check it this weekend.
Untill next time, keep smiling!