Friday, December 4, 2009

Gosh it has been a bit!

This is my tree this year, I jam packed it with ornaments.

Challenge outfit #5, Red Carpet gown.

Challenge #4 Avant Guard, in the style of Heatherette. Missed it by a mile.
I have been sort of busy but here goes all that I have been doing! It has snowed here but it didn't last and now we are having unseasonabley warm weather, hate it. It is supposed to feel like Christmas and it don't.
I am working on a brand new pattern for a cloth doll though, she is very different from my usual, but she is going to be so cool. No pics yet! As I only have the body sewn, need to stuff her and then assemble her to her base.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Challenge #3

This is "Aqua Petals" an original OOAK made for Ellowyne to wear in the Couture Doll Challenge. I loved making it and found this was the style I really love making. I guess I am a romatic at heart.
Challenge #4 is finished, photo'd and sent, but I cannot post here yet. Not until after Sunday.
In between all this sewing I am clearing out my sewing room of all the clutter. It has been needing it for so long. I can't believe the stuff I have saved and there there is the shear amount of stuff I have!!! UGH! Where did it all come from?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Couture Doll Challenge

Challenge #1 Mrs. Austin Powers Inaugural Gown
Challenge #2 Off to the Races, a day at the Ascot.
This challenge is lots of fun and is truely testing my sewing skills to the limit. To see more about this challenge got to There are 8 challenges in all and I just turned in #3.
I have designed cloth dolls for many years and still do occasionaly. But mainly my interest have been in the fashion doll zone and some vintage MA dolls. I have been sewing since I was 7 at the knee of my Auntie. She help form my love of sewing and still love it today. My dream is to design an outfit for a commercial doll for one of the big companies like Madame Alexander, Robert Tonner or Horsman. So I am working very hard now on that dream.
Check back when new items are due up.